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Meet Delhi's Award-Winning Female Bartender

Discover the inspiring journey of a mixology maestro who has transformed Delhi’s cocktail scene with her innovative creations and flawless technique.

Meet Priya Singh, Award-Winning Mixologist

Priya Singh is celebrated as one of Delhi’s leading mixologists, renowned for her innovative cocktail recipes and impeccable service. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Priya has transformed Delhi’s cocktail scene. Her journey began at the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of flavor profiles. Priya’s signature cocktails, which skillfully blend traditional Indian ingredients with international techniques, have earned her multiple awards, including ‘Best Bartender of India’ for two consecutive years. She currently dazzles patrons at ‘The Velvet Lounge,’ one of Delhi’s most exclusive bars.

Honors & Recognitions


Best Female Mixologist in Delhi

Recognized for her innovative cocktail creations and exceptional service, she was awarded the prestigious title of Best Female Mixologist at the Delhi Bartending Awards.


Creative Cocktail Craftsman Award

Awarded for her extraordinary skill in crafting unique beverages, she received this accolade at the National Bartenders Conference.


Rising Star in Bartending

This award was presented to her for quickly distinguishing herself in the competitive bartending scene of Delhi, showcasing her flair and dedication.

Showcase of Delhi's Finest Female Bartender

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